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APUC Board to Review $1,191,863 in Fund Requests
Posted on May 2, 2002

BISMARCK, ND � The board of directors for the North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization Commission (APUC) will review funding requests for 20 projects totaling $1,191,863 at its quarterly hearing in Devils Lake on May 16 and 17.

APUC is a program of the North Dakota Department of Commerce and administers five grant programs for researching and developing new and expanded uses for North Dakota agricultural products: basic and applied research, marketing and cooperative marketing utilization, farm diversification, agricultural prototype and international marketing.

The requests to be reviewed in May include:

MDG Development of Langdon is requesting $250,000 to conduct research for the commercialization of Small-Scale Flax Oilseed Processing using the cold press process. North Dakota farmers produce 93 percent of the world market of flax. For more information contact: Michael Granlund at 701-256-3211

Tioga Area Development Corporation is requesting $5,000 to conduct a feasibility study for a double-compressed alfalfa baling operation in Tioga. For more information contact: Tressy Heinle at 701-664-3838

NDSU Plant Science Department is requesting $32,000 to study Nitrogen in Spearmint. In 2001, six growers planted 735 acres of spearmint for its oil. This project will study nitrogen (N) fertility requirements for spearmint grown in North Dakota and determine proper N fertility for optimum oil yield. For more information contact: Burton Johnson 701231-8895

NDSU Mechanical Engineering Department is requesting $35,000 to study Increased Use of Biofuels Through an Innovative Control Strategy. The goal of this research is to develop equipment and control strategies that will enable diesel engines to operate effectively using high levels of refined vegetable oils without damage to the engine. For more information contact: Michael Stewart 701-231-6316

NDSU Department of Cereal and Food Science is requesting $37,000 to conduct research on Flaxseed as a Functional Food Component. Research will focus on the utilization of flaxseed in dairy food systems. The health benefits associated with flaxseed are increasing; little information is available regarding the utilization of flaxseed in food systems. For more information contact: Clifford Hall at 701-231-6359

NDSU Plant Science Department is requesting $29,600 to research the Growing and Handling of Sprout Soybeans for Export. This research will evaluate soybean cultivars for sprout market suitability, develop proper methods of handling sprout soybeans, and publish guidelines for growing and processing sprout soybeans. Research is needed for North Dakota growers to expand export of sprout soybeans to Pacific-rim countries. For more information contact: Dr. Chiwon Lee at 701-231-8062

Skandia Mills of Valley City, producers of premium ground flax and a premium whole flax product, is requesting $18,000 to help with marketing and promotional materials. For more information contact: Mike Berntson at 701-845-2892

FarmNet Services of Harvey is requesting $196,700 to expand the number of producers using the Internet to market their grains. The company also plans to expand the number of elevators and grain buyers using the Internet to find and purchase specific types of grain needed, increasing its efficiency and profitability. For more information contact: Richard Haman 701-324-5252

Jerry�s Meat Maniacs, Bowman, requested $10,000 to conduct a feasibility study and business plan for a USDA butchering and processing facility. The facility will be considered multi-species under USDA guidelines with the capacity to kill, process and market buffalo, elk and wild game along with traditional beef, pork, veal and lamb. For more information contact: Jerry Geiger 701-523-5555

Marketplace of Ideas/Marketplace for Kids, Inc is a collaborative effort to encourage agricultural diversification, value-added agriculture, development of information technology in rural areas, new business ideas and development of marketing sales. The organization is requesting $50,000. For more information contact: Marilyn Kipp 701-663-0150

eBird.com intends to position itself as the national leader in direct mail to consumer wild birdseed fulfillment and has requested $28,838. This mail order distribution system will embrace traditional print and direct mail marketing, complemented with an aggressive e-commerce strategy. For more information contact: Dan Ecker 701-484-5745

Cloverdale Growers� Alliance is requesting $16,475 to study the feasibility of producing premium pork and dry edible bean products. For more information contact: Daryl Dukart 701-548-8256

The North Dakota Dry Pea & Lentil Association is requesting $120,000 to further develop and expand the feed pea market throughout the United States as a nutritional feed for livestock. Estimates are that producers will be able to extract 15-20 percent price premium for their products above what they are currently receiving. For more information contact: Paul Thomas at 701-222-0128

AmeriCan Strawbord Technologies, Inc. of Rolla is requesting $157,500 to build and operate a manufacturing facility capable of producing strawboard that will consume 70,000 tons of straw annually. Strawboard is similar in nature to traditional wood-based particle board in that it can be used in the same applications � cabinet components, furniture, doors, moldings, etc. The difference is that strawboard is stronger and water resistant. For more information contact: Steve Arvidson at 701-477-5004

Jim Yri of Minnewaukan is requesting $10,000 to turn unsuitable cropland, due to raising water in the Devils Lake area, into a resort. West Bay Resort, LLC is adjacent to Minnewaukan Flats and 20 miles from Stump Lake. The resort will be used for hunting, fishing or relaxing in a quiet natural setting. For more information contact: Jim Yri at 701-473-5632

The Inforcer, a round baler unplugging system, is requesting $26,250. The purpose of the Inforcer is to mechanically unplug round balers using a hydraulic ram system, allowing a farmer to unplug his baler mechanically while remaining seated on the tractor. The two main benefits are convenience and safety. For more information contact: Fred Sund at 701-272-6161

Miltech LLC of Hillsboro has requested $25,000 to develop a portable Field-Ready Sugar Beet Tester, a sensor prototype suitable for field conditions. The field unit will provide reliable operation in humidity, mud and sunny conditions. For more information contact: Dale Stenerson at 701-356-0859

Superior Grains, Inc is requesting $94,500. The grant will enable the company to diversify its marketing efforts by establishing international commercial accounts that demand consistent, premium grade pulse crops. For more information contact: Les Knudson at 800-510-9437

Specialty Export Production, Inc is requesting $25,000. The grant will introduce the world to its plant in Hatton by expanding its marketing efforts in Europe, Japan, and other Asian countries for specialty grain and oilseeds produced in North Dakota. For more information contact: Max Crouse at 731-235-2124

Safflower Technologies International is requesting $25,000 to establish new international markets for North Dakota safflower products in Japan and western Europe. For more information contact: Jerry Bergman at 701-774-4315


For more information, contact: John F. Schneider, APUC Executive Director, (701) 328-5350

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