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North Dakota has much to offer a growing business, but we're sure you have many questions. What follows is an assemblage of some of the more frequently asked questions about our state. We hope you find the answers you seek. If you don't and find you still have questions or desire more information please contact us. A member of our staff will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in North Dakota.

How do I start or expand a business in North Dakota?
It's very easy. We've put together a business start-up package to provide you with all the vital information you need. To learn more, visit the Business Toolkit web page. Or, if you want to receive a packet in the mail, call 1-701-328-5300 and request the consolidated packet of New Business Registration Forms. You may want to call our business development experts for personal assistance. Mike Strotheide, Renee Loh, Chuck Fine, Laura Willard and Sandy Opp are eager to assist you.

What labor and training programs are available in North Dakota?
North Dakota has several such programs. For more information visit our Workforce Development page. Jim Hirsch is our Workforce Development Director. He can be reached by phone at 701-328-5345 or by email.

Where can I get information on communities, available land and buildings?
We have a lot of information on these topics. Unfortunately, its not on the web yet. Therefore, to get this information please contact Jeff Quast at 701-328-5323 or email him.

What kind of infrastructure does North Dakota have? Water? Electricity? Utilities? Telecommunications?
North Dakota has the all the infrastructure necessary to compete in today's business climate. For information on energy, telecommunications, transportation, wages and water visit our infrastructure page. You will be pleased to see that North Dakota has high-speed internet connections to every community in the state. Our utility costs are considerably lower than national average. We have an abundance of clean air and water as well as a surplus of electricity, coal, oil and natural gas.

What assistance does North Dakota offer to companies expanding in the state? What about financing?
We have a variety of assistance available. Additionally, many of our communities offer assistance. For detailed information visit our Business Development page. You may want to call our business development experts for more information. Mike Strotheide, Renee Loh, Chuck Fine, Laura Willard, and Sandy Opp are available to assist you.

Is there really such a thing as a 'North Dakota work ethic?'
We believe there is and are pleased to provide you with these quotes from some of our successful businesses:

"Our Linton office has been unusually successful because of an excellent workforce with high productivity and virtually no turnover or absenteeism. All the values our company believes in are evident in North Dakota - honesty, trust and friendship. The workforce is, in short, exemplary.

"Many North Dakotans learned to work hard on the farm where there are no holidays or sick days. They are eager to work, have positive attitudes and show a lot of enthusiasm for their jobs. Businesses that don't locate in rural areas like North Dakota overlook an excellent workforce."

Hal Rosenbluth
President and CEO of Rosenbluth International, a Philadelphia-based company with offices in North Dakota.

"The Bismarck employees of Sykes Enterprises are already the most productive in the company. In North Carolina an inch and a half of snow shut down the state. On a day when it was 61 below (windchill) in Bismarck, not one of the Bismarck employees missed work."
John Sykes
President and CEO of the computer support firm, Sykes Enterprises.

What about education in North Dakota?
We are very proud of our educational system. Our students rank very high in SAT scores and we have the highest rate of high school graduates per capita in the nation. Our 21 colleges and universities offer many educational and training programs. Please visit our Quality of Life page for detailed information.

What major companies are already doing business in North Dakota?
A very good question! We have a variety of companies doing business here. The most recent major development was Microsoft's purchase of Great Plains Software. For more information visit our Company Profiles page.

Since North Dakota is a rural state what do people do for entertainment?
We do many of the same things as people in the metropolitan areas. We get the same movies, have a variety of eateries, listen to the same music, watch the same television shows and have high-speed internet access. Our larger cities have professional sports teams as well as college teams. In the summer golfing, softball, picnics and weekends at the lakes are major attractions. Wintertime finds many people snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, ice skating or snuggling up to the fire with a good book.

Many of our citizens are fans of the great outdoors. There is much to do for the outdoor enthusiast. North Dakota has 62 national wildlife refuges (more than any other state), 1100 waterfowl production areas, 15 state parks and recreation areas, more miles of shoreline than California, great canoeing rivers, fabulous hunting and fishing, the Maah Daah Hey Trail and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Additionally, we have the historic town of Medora and the International Peace Gardens just to name a few. You may also relive the travels of Lewis & Clark and their journey through our great state. One of our major tourist attractions is the annual powwow held at United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck.

Who can I contact to help my company relocate to North Dakota?
Please contact one of our business development managers:

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