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ED&F; Surveys North Dakota Businesses
Posted on July 24, 2001

One thousand North Dakota manufacturers, food processors and export service companies were recently sent a three-page survey from the division of Economic Development & Finance (ED&F;). The mailing was sent for three reasons: 1) to gather information from companies with the potential to become primary-sector (new wealth-generating) businesses; 2) to introduce the division and its services; and 3) to offer assistance.

ED&F; is a division of the newly formed Department of Commerce (DOC) that facilitates the creation of new wealth through the start-up, retention and expansion of primary-sector business. Its goal is to increase the standard of living for all North Dakotans by assisting in the development of businesses in our state.

Companies receiving the 2001 mailing were, for the first time, given the option to complete their survey over the Internet. They were provided with a user name and password to ensure exclusive access to their record. Surveys conducted in the past were completed via mail response alone.

While basic company information (name, address, phone, etc.) will be displayed on the web site in a public area, most of the requested information will be held confidential and can be viewed by ED&F; staff only. This information will be used for business development, workforce development and Manufacturing Extension Partnership purposes.

Another new feature of the 2001 survey process is the telephone follow-up. Reminder calls will be placed to companies that have not responded in an effort to boost the response rate. �The response to and information collected in this survey is vital to the operations, research, development of services and success of the North Dakota Commerce Department,� says DOC Commissioner Lee Peterson.

North Dakota companies are generally surveyed on an alternating schedule, but if you have never received a survey and want to know if ED&F; would characterize your business as primary-sector, simply visit their web site at www.growingnd.com. Select Company Profile from the left-hand menu. Then, select Add a Profile from the drop-down list. While the final decision is based on human interaction, a message will appear to let you know whether you seem to meet the qualifications of a primary-sector business.


Contact: Lee Peterson, ED&F; Director, 701-328-5300

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