Program Descriptions

Exporting is your ticket to increased sales, profitability and longevity in today's global marketplace.

Our mission is to increase the number of jobs in North Dakota by helping companies expand their business into foreign markets. Our staff counsels companies on export procedures, international marketing, banking and financing. We also provide referrals to translators, customs brokers, consultants and opportunities for participation in international trade show events.
  • Export Education
  • Export Counseling
  • International Market Research
  • International Market Planning
  • Trade Promotion
  • Trade Finance
  • Referrals
As a North Dakota exporter, you are entitled to assistance in making foreign sales. Whether you need to learn the basics of exporting, how to complete shipping documents or how to receive payment for transactions, the International Trade program can help you. Contact us at the info below:
    Nancy D'Ambrosio
    International Business Development
    Economic Development and Finance
    1833 East Bismarck Expressway
    Bismarck, ND 58504
    phone (701) 328-5325
    fax (701) 328-5320

    or email: [email protected]

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